Your Complete Author Services

Author’s Pen can guide you through any stage of the pen-to-published-author process. Have you already written one or more books? Or have you got an idea for a book that you have always meant to write? Are you looking for help to self-publish to a high standard? On the following pages you can see the various areas where Author’s Pen can offer support and guidance. 

Set up in 2020 by professional editor and creative writing teacher Lesley Hart, Author’s Pen is now run by experienced publisher Helen Hart as part of SilverWood Books. Connect via the form below, or send an email to

Here is a sample of our services:


Ideal for authors with a book idea who are unsure how to progress it or for authors with some grasp of writing craft but who want to develop their skills.


Our editing services are perfect for authors who have completed their manuscript and feel it is ready for a fresh set of professional eyes.


Our publishing services are the next stage after editing. We will support you and provide help with getting your manuscript into the world. We can help you to find an agent or with self-publishing.


Marketing is the most important stage of the process for your published work and ensures you can maximise your book sales and your author profile.

Author’s Pen sprang from the desire to help authors at any stage of their writing journey by developing their expertise to achieve their writing aspirations. Author’s Pen ensures authors can bring a quality product to the market, with the tools to market it effectively.