Structural Editing via Your Editorial Report

“First you write a sentence …”

Joe Moran

Structural Editing via Your Editorial Report

Writing a story is all about your plot, point of view and pace, together with the balance of setting, character and action.

It is important to have a thorough understanding of the different ways of communicating these elements through storytelling.

An editorial report is the first stage of editing and looks at your entire submission to assess if your storytelling tools are appropriate for each point in your story.

Additionally, an editorial report is the big-picture observation of your story and looks at: narrative, dialogue (including thoughts), character, chapter and setting, giving you an evaluation of punctuation, spelling and grammar and also looks at the layout of your manuscript and the stylistic decisions you’ve made.

An editorial report tests your story to ensure your readers will want to get to its end, to recommend it to their friends via the internet or high street booksellers and on their social media accounts – thereby doing a lot of your marketing for you. It will also encourage readers to see what else you have published and to look out for your next book.